Online Articles

These papers are found online. For some of the papers, you must get access through a university or pay a fee for the article.  We are currently in the process of requesting the copyright from the publishers of each article.

From Relativity to Mutability (1973)

Include the Observer in the Wave Function (1977)

Singularity and Unanimity (1977)

New York Review of Books Articles (1979)

Law Without Law (1981)

Particles and Geometry (1982)

The Computer and the Universe (1982)

Delayed-Choice Experiments and Bohr’s Elementary Quantum Phenomena (1983)  (co-author Warner Miller)

On Recognizing Law without Law (1983)

Franck-Condon Effect and Squeezed State Physics as Double-Source Interference Phenomena (1985)

Hermann Weyl and the Unity of Knowledge (1986)

How Come the Quantum? (1986)

Boundary of a Boundary Principle and Geometric Structure of Field Theories (1986) (co-author Arkady Kheyfets)

World as System Self-Synthesized by Quantum Networking (1988)

Recent Thinking About the Nature of the Physical World: It From Bit (1992)

Time Today (1994)

A Practical Tool, but Puzzling Too (2000)