Art of Science (1976)

Interview with Jiri Bicak

Conversation in Physics and Biology (1979)

Interview with Paul Buckley and David Peat

What Happens at the End of Things (1985)

Interview with the magazine Alcalde

Inside the Mind of John Wheeler (1986)

Interview with John Bosdough Reader’s Digest September 1986

A Pioneer of Thought (1987)

Interview for the Austin American Statesman

The Ghost in the Atom (1993)

Interview with Paul Davies and J.R. Brown

Web of Stories (Previously known as People’s Archive)  (1996)

Interview with Kenneth Ford

End of Science (1996)

Interview with John Horgan

Candid Science IV (2000-2001)

Interview with Istvan &Magdolna Hargittai

Peering Through the Gates of Time (2002)

by Dennis Overbye for the New York Times