The following bibliography is an excerpt from Terry Christensen’s Ph.D. Dissertation entitled John Archibald Wheeler: A Study of Mentoring in Modern Physics.  I would like to thank Terry Christensen and Kenneth Ford for their assistance.

JAW Bibliography

This is a rather extensive bibliography, as such, please refer to the following list of quotations compiled by Kip Thorne and Wojciech Zurek as a guide.  The material contained in this archive covers roughly the second half of Wheeler’s career.

John Archibald Wheeler: A Few Highlights of His Contributions to Physics


Here are some of the books written by Wheeler:


co-written with Charles Misner and Kip Thorne

The last chapter of this book sets the tone for much of the work found in this archive.

Quantum Theory and Measurement

co-edited with Wojciech Zurek

His article “Law without Law” can be found in this book.

A Journey into Gravity and Spacetime

This is a book about General Relativity aimed at a popular audience.  Some of the themes of his work like “Law without Law” can be found towards the end of the book.

At Home in the Universe

A collection of technical and non-technical essays by Wheeler.

Gravitation and Inertia

co-written with Ignazio Ciofolini

This book has a chapter called the Boundary of a Boundary Principle, which he alludes to in much of his work.

Geons, Black Holes, and Quantum Foam:  A Life in Physics

co-written with Kenneth Ford

This autobiography sheds light into Wheeler’s thought process